About Us

Debbie O’Brien Krackeler and Stacey Smith founded Contigo Partners to work with companies and organizations who are committed to shifting performance toward positive social and environmental outcomes. We have over 30 years of combined experience as practitioners, facilitators and consultants. We have been in corporate board rooms, factories, farms, and conference centers all over the world. And we are ready to bring our passion, experience, and our approach and tools to you in service of the outcomes you need.

How are we different?

  • We believe enduring, innovative solutions come from you – we guide you through the creation of those solutions
  • We bring change management tools and skillful facilitation to each project
  • We are experts in social and environmental sustainability issues
  • We work as part of a broader network of organizations and individuals

Our Story

Contigo Partners was created by two seasoned CSR experts, Stacey Smith and Debbie O’Brien Krackeler, who identified a need for efficient and successful implementation of sustainability strategies, policies and multi-stakeholder processes.

What do we mean by implementation? Implementation requires sustained change in behavior toward a common goal to produce desired outcomes. We know too many companies that have commissioned expensive, time-intensive analyses resulting in long, detailed, graphic-laden reports and decks that sit in drawers or inboxes.  As CSR consultants for the past fifteen years, we’ve even been complicit in the generation of some of those very reports!

Translated from Spanish, Contigo means “with you.” We don’t think you should hire us to write a report or present a fancy deck, or even to develop agendas for meetings or working groups that end up stalemated or unproductive. Instead, we want to work with you to get work done with your key stakeholders: colleagues across functions, suppliers and other business partners, and NGO’s and issue experts.

It is our experience the CSR world is not lacking in good policy or good analysis. What’s lacking is true behavior change. Behavior change requires people to first believe in the new strategy, policy or program and to have either participated in its creation or have a clear understanding of its purpose and genesis. One thing we know for certain: they can’t get that from a report.  Implementation that is outcome focused, participative and creative can yield breakthrough and sustained results.

At the end of our time with you, you’ll be able to point to positive outcomes and measurable change. We marry our deep CSR expertise with your team’s experience and needs through our proven approaches for effective group process, change management and learning.

Together, we have over 30 years of experience advising companies how to integrate CSR into daily business decision-making. We are passionate about the opportunity to deliver results that lead to positive social and environmental outcomes.