Stakeholder Relations

Stakeholder engagement is not a matter of getting in a room with stakeholders, so you can check a box and say you’ve done it. It’s a distraction to engage unless you’re very clear on what you need to achieve from the engagement. Nor should you should engage with every stakeholder who knocks on your door. Strategic engagement means identifying the right stakeholders with whom you have common desired outcomes.

Strategic Stakeholder Engagement

Companies must build and maintain relationships with a wide range of stakeholders in order to achieve their sustainability goals.  However, not all external stakeholders who seek influence are necessarily important to achieving your objectives – and engaging them takes significant resources.

Contigo Partners can help you identify, prioritize and engage your key stakeholders in a strategic, outcome-oriented way.  We deliver a comprehensive engagement strategy using our Stakeholder Relations Spectrum that will guide your activities in alignment with your business objectives.  We are facilitators who support you in the preparation, facilitation and follow-up of one-on-one and multi-stakeholder dialogues.

Issue-centered Dialogue

Many of the sustainability issues you face today cannot be addressed adequately by one company.  When faced with an issue that needs addressing, a collaborative approach with other key stakeholders can help identify the underlying dynamics of the issue.  By putting the issue at the center of the dialogue, you can efficiently make progress towards understanding the challenges, context and opportunities.  From there, you can all take action in a coordinated fashion.

Contigo Partners provides a structured approach to and skilled facilitation of issue-centered dialogue.  We begin with issue clarification and selection of participants.  We then co-design appropriate interactions and identify the work that needs to take place before, during and after the interactions.  We facilitate in-person dialogue using group process and conflict resolution tools as needed.  We also support you in digesting the learnings and moving to action.

External Advisory Board

Many companies find value from ongoing, structured input with a select group of external advisors drawn from different disciplines.  These advisors provide valuable input at key decision points in the implementation of your sustainability strategy. As you create an external advisory board, you may have questions about how to get started, how to balance privacy and transparency and how to structure and manage such a group.

Contigo Partners works with you to:

  • Identify advisors that will provide meaningful and candid input tailored to your needs
  • Create a structure and process that can be easily managed
  • Develop agendas that focus on results relevant to your objectives
  • Provide facilitation ensuring productive dialogue and outcomes