Strategy and Program Development

We work with you to build and implement your CSR/sustainability program – from vision and strategy, to organizational structure and resources, to employee training and communication we can take you through a proven and efficient process.  Along the way, we ensure capacity building in your key staff so that you can be successful on your own.   Contigo Partners designs an approach with you, drawing on our experience, tools and methodology to build and integrate programs.

Engage Internal and External Stakeholders

Our approach is based on participation.  Throughout the development of your program, we work with you to identify and involve the key staff important to your success.  Their influence and buy-in are critical to any long-term success.  There are certain external stakeholders who are also critical to your success and hold perspectives and capabilities that can help you set and achieve your goals.

1 Sponsorship and Steering Team

Establishing executive sponsorship and a cross-functional team to lead your effort are key first steps.  We can help ensure that these chosen stakeholders have the authority, knowledge and relationships necessary to drive the development of your program successfully.

2 Vision and Strategic Focus

Many large companies companies conduct a “materiality analysis” in order to understand the full breadth of their sustainability risks and opportunities.  Our approach is more tailored to your industry, size and business objectives and includes a focus on revenue and growth opportunities.  When complete, you have a roadmap to address the most important areas for your business.

3 Key Initiatives

Your most important and urgent areas of focus need to be entrusted to key cross-functional groups to outline and test appropriate actions.  Organizing these activities can create an effective spirit of innovation and ownership.  We can provide these groups with useful research and benchmarks and facilitate their development of solutions appropriate to your particular business and culture.

4 Set Goals and Measure

Galvanizing ownership, focus and action is greatly enabled through setting transparent goals for your most important focus areas.  Goals need to exist at the highest company level and, ultimately, cascade down through operations and other functional areas.  It takes time to coalesce and commit to goals.  We help through the process of evaluating where you are today, the type of data you need and setting goals that will move you forward and that key stakeholders commit to.

5 Integrate Policy and Practices

Once your programs have met with some initial success and your goals are clear, it is time to begin thinking about integration.  Integration is present when your vision, goals and practices are coming to life throughout the organization because your staff are committed and bought-in. We apply our experience and tools in change management to help make your program come to life.  See more about our approach here.

6 Organize and Reward

Our goal is work ourselves out of a job.  That means that you have the internal capability necessary to carry forward.  We will build capability in individuals, teams and your processes throughout our work with you.  We will also help to identify the organizational roles, structure and skills required to embed sustainability into your operations and core functions.