Services For Organizations

For Non-Profits and Multi-Lateral Organizations

The issues that are core to your mission are complex and urgent.  Increasingly the corporate sector can be a key ally in finding and implementing solutions that will have a lasting impact.  Identifying the optimal relationships and ensuring they are strategic and built on a foundation of trust and mutual benefit is critical.

Contigo Partners is your “bridge” to the corporate sector.  We have been building relationships in the corporate sector for more than 30 years.  We have expertise in company’s CSR strategies, programs and needs and can deliver contacts in key industries.  We have advised companies on their stakeholder engagement strategies, so we know and understand companies and their outreach efforts. Our proven approach is based on our belief that  lasting solutions can only come through an issue-centered approach that brings the civil society, government and corporate sectors together.  Through our relationships and stakeholder engagement process, can help you create lasting partnerships.

We provide the following for non profit and multi-lateral organizations: