Corporate Engagement

Corporate Engagement Strategy

Engaging with the corporate sector must ensure that your credibility is not jeopardized and that your resources are used wisely.  Any engagement must begin with a clear understanding of your objectives and where you believe a company can play a role.  Creating a strategy for corporate engagement is a great way to develop a roadmap that can guide outreach and relationship building over time.

Contigo Partners delivers an approach to engagement strategy grounded in decades of experience. We begin by helping you map the range of companies that intersect with key issues and your objectives.  We provide balanced research on the positions and historic actions of those companies.  Working with your team, we create a strategy for building appropriate relations with companies based on our Stakeholder Relations Spectrum tool.  Our approach focuses on your ability to implement your strategy across the organization.  We involve key participants in the process where possible and communicate with/train others as appropriate.

Issue-Centered Dialogue

Increasingly you have opportunities to engage with companies on issues of mutual interest.  In some cases, individuals from both companies and your own organization have inherent biases or misunderstandings about the other party, and common ground may be difficult to find.  What is needed is a structured, skillful approach to having these important conversations that ensures each voice is heard and progress is made towards understanding the challenges, context and opportunities.

Contigo Partners provides a structured approach to and skilled facilitation of issue-centered dialogue.  We begin with issue clarification and selection of participants.  We then co-design appropriate interactions and identify the work that needs to take place before, during and after the interactions.  We manage in-person dialogue using group process and conflict resolution tools as needed.  We also support you in digesting the learnings and moving to action.