Collaboration Management

We are committed to helping multi-company and multi-stakeholder processes deliver their intended results with less effort and greater speed than they do today. We simplify the process and focus on the results most important to your group, taking the lead on design and facilitation.

Multi-Party Issue-Centered Dialogue

Many of the issues core to your mission cannot be addressed adequately without the perspectives and expertise of the civil society, corporate and governmental sectors.  With these different constituencies at the table there is a real possibility for finding new solutions, but there is also a possibility of getting bogged down and wasting resources.  What is needed is a structured, skillful approach to having the conversations necessary to make progress towards understanding the challenges, context and opportunities and then moving toward action.

Contigo Partners provides a structured approach to convening and skillful facilitation of dialogue.  We work with you to clarify the issue and understand the system at play and then guide the selection of participants.  We then co-design appropriate interactions with other participants, including identifying the work that needs to take place before, during and after the interactions.  We manage in-person dialogue effectively using skillful facilitation and conflict resolution tools as needed.  We also support you in digesting the learnings from the dialogue and moving to coordinated action.

Multi-Party Collaboration

Multi-party (civil society, corporate, government sectors) collaboration on social and environmental issues can lead to positive, lasting impact.  Yet many such collaborations can get bogged down or stall due to poor group facilitation or unclear desired outcomes. Knowing when and how to convene a multi-party collaboration or getting such a group back on track can seem daunting.

Contigo Partners delivers a full-service approach that considers the unique dynamics of the issue and the needs and motivations of the various constituencies.. We begin by mapping the issue dynamics and the various stakeholders.  We work with a small design team to develop clear objectives and a bounded scope.  We then support the initial convening of the group and design and facilitate all interactions using skillful facilitation techniques.  We continue working with a designated core group to design a long-term process that will meet your shared objectives.  We will manage the overall process and ensure goals are met and responsibilities maintained.  We can also serve as an outsourced administrator when needed.